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From France to California

The promise of Délices du Chef

After 25 years of working on the markets in Brittany, Jean-Luc and Véronique embark on the American adventure and create Delices du Chef...

Discover dishes and recipes of great quality and creamy pastries prepared with passion.

Chef Delight operates in over 10 farmers' markets in Los Angeles County!

Inspired by French culinary culture, Délices du Chef offers you a vast assortment of authentic French culinary recipes such as Burgundy beef, quiche Lorraine, and delicious gourmet pastries and sandwiches prepared daily with ingredients of choice.

Discover the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, capitalizing on the quality and authenticity of French food! 
The menu is simple and elegant.

Veronique, Jean-Luc, and Clement are looking forward to seeing you.


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